A Review of Blockchain-Rooted Energy Administration in Networking


  • Patikiri Arachchige Don Shehan Nilmantha Wijesekara Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, 80000, Galle




energy administration, blockchain, blockchain-rooted energy administration, energy trading, energy-preserving consensus, energy cognizant resource apportionment, cryptography


Energy Administration (EA) in networking involves improving energy efficiency by managing energy. The blockchain framework involves a chain of associated blocks that obviously protects the genuineness, upholds accountability, and upholds disguised-anonymity of its transactions/entries with the help of peer-to-peer consensus techniques and cryptographic mechanisms. Driven by the fact that existing surveys do not focus on the EA in the broad scope of networking, we review diverse blockchain-rooted EA solutions, where we recognize 7 roles of blockchain in EA and explore them in detail with regard to EA techniques, EA approaches, blockchain-linked factors, network-linked factors, and such. We assembled a first-stage sample of 80 document citations by appraising the articles for qualification criteria hunted from E-libraries operating a detailed and prolonged process. Considering the review, in blockchain-rooted EA, blockchain can facilitate storing and exchanging data in a trustworthy manner, operate energy-efficient consensus approaches, act as an energy manager, provide authentication and access control for EA, facilitate secure offloading for EA, and provide automated EA tasks operating smart contracts. Detailed exploration shows that from blockchain-rooted EA, 32.5% operate blockchain to store and exchange data for an EA task, 95% operate uniform blockchain, 30% operate PoW consensus, 82.5% operate fully decentralized EA, 57.5% operate cross-layer EA, and 10% operate in IoT networks. Finally, we debate the possibilities and barriers to the conception of blockchain-rooted EA and then present guidance to vanquish them.